From youth to passion, from passion to purpose

Born in Nassau County, Diane Mina began her love affair with the bloody mary at a young age. On warm summer New York days, the family gathered at her grandfather’s home for clam bakes. Pop-Pop, as Diane’s grandfather was affectionately known, shared enchanting stories from his childhood while they feasted on Cherrystone clams and Nathan’s hot dogs and the adults enjoyed their bloody marys. 

Here Diane had her first sip of the spicy beverage that stole her heart and her taste buds. Captivated by the sweetness of the tomato, the heat from the spices, and that perfect touch of acidity from the lime, Diane began asking for a virgin bloody mary at every family function. 

For years, Diane Mina has been perfecting her proprietary blends - inspired to craft her own version of the famed “Bloody Mary” cocktail for their Mina Group restaurants using her Garden Grown ingredients from their Marin County home. 

A state of mind in wellness

It is in this very garden that Diane quickly discovered a sense of peace and calm, caring for and tending to this eden she affectionately named “Bella Mina Gardens,” filled with a variety of heirloom tomatoes, hearty herbs and piquant peppers. A tomato vineyard if you will, was the perfect setting for Diane to create that garden fresh, bright and savory, low sodium blend she always envisioned.  

Widely recognized as a bloody mary connoisseur, Diane continues her passion with purpose testing new recipes filled with garden goodness and a hint of wellness, bringing back the love for creating a beautiful drink and the ceremony of drinking it.


My loves, My life, My joy - Sammy, Anthony (aka) “Tony”, My Cheffy and Me

My loves, My life, My joy - Sammy, Anthony (aka) “Tony”, My Cheffy and Me